Tradition and Innovation

G.T.L. GRUPPO TESSILE LOMBARDO S.R.L. was born in 1993 in Samarate, in the middle of one of the most important manufacturing districts in Italy, well known especially for its great concentration of textile and fashion companies. Thanks to the importance of his own companies’ history this territory can be seen as one of the most consolidated expression of the industrial tradition of our region, and most of all a clear example of the Italian industrial excellence. The aim of our company, is to create the perfect mix between tradition and technology, in any kind of sector from the textile production, to the printing process, ending with the clothes’ production, in order to give the best product possible, we want to look forward without forgetting our history.


We still believe in it

In a historic period in which, delocalization seems to be the only way, we still continue to produce our fabrics in our own company in Samarate. Our production characterized by the use of modern machineries for circular knitting, single knit, and double knit, from 16 to 40 gauge , also Open for elastic fabrics. The majority of our machineries use the electronic technology to guarantee the maximum versatility of the product, easy and quick change of job, and the production of prototypes and small quantity order to match with any demand of our clients. Our archive has more than 2000 articles, and we keep it updated adding new material frequently; we present two collection every year and our technical department and our style department are always ready to help our customers in studying and creating a customized solution for them. We are always striking to present something that has to be as catching as new, under any point of view, without losing the view of the market in which we are working. The quality of the materials and the professionality of the finishing of our fabrics are for us indispensable elements. To every yarn that enters in our warehouse a test to determinate the title and the tonality of the colour is made. All the raw fabrics are checked before been sent for the finishing procedure, and ones they are again in our plant, we make others test to verify that everything is matching the consumer’s requirements. When also this last step is done, we finally proceed to ship the fabrics to our customers.



Our Printing Department

An even more complete service

For twenty years now, G.T.L. is well known in Europe for its collections of printed fabrics. To guarantee a more complete service to our customers, some years ago we decided to open a brand new Ink Jet printing department. The advantages of this choice are:
- No limits of dimension/ratio to the design
- No need of expensive cost for small productions, as it happens for the cylindrical printing process
- Photographic print
- Placed print
- High velocity of execution

The only limit will be your imagination.


A natural evolution

Our love for textile and our in depth knowledge of the industry find their natural realization in our clothes collections, which clearly summarize our philosophy: quality, research, innovation, Made in Italy.